Monday, February 21, 2011


Welcome to the OFFICIAL site of Silhouette Magazine! Silhouette was founded January 1st , 2011. Now of course, you must be wondering, what is Silhouette?
Well we'll start off with this:
Silhouette as described by the dictionary is exactly this:

silhouette |ˌsiloōˈet|


the dark shape and outline of someone or something visible against a lighter background, esp. in dim light.

A silhouette is almost a shadow if you will. And that's exactly what SM intends to show: girls who live in the shadows of Stardoll. We look for the ones with the beautiful medolls and amazing projects. I always wondered "why don't these type of girls get noticed for their hard work on Stardoll?"
Some of them definitely do, but others... not as much credit is given. So this is where it begins.

Girls that deserve another chance at modeling, girls that deserve to have their name on the front cover. They won't be on the cover of a magazine for their status or for how well their known. SM bases their choices of features purely on the average, hardworking girl on Stardoll.

So get ready Stardoll. Because we're coming out of our dark Silhouettes. We will get the credit we deserve.

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